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Changelog - MSC - 01-16-2018

- fix Clancode-Colors on the Comments Page
- fix Unit sorting on the Army-Page
- prevent messages and comments being accidently send multiple times
- Crash Prevention and minor Bugfixes

- make messages selectable 
- fix a problem, that lets the app crash on startup

RE: Changelog - Santorayo - 01-31-2018

- You can now change your Country Flag for 30 Uranium. And the first change is free! Choose from over 150 different flags.
- Google Cloud Save is back! Save your account in case of a device reset or to transfer your account to another device. Activate it now on the settings screen.
Update the app to enable Google cloud save!
- New Push-Notifications for Highscore-Events.
- Your own Ally-Code will now be colored blue in Comments and Broadcasts.
- You can now cancel your own open Clan Invites on the ally page.
- The keyboard should not overlap the withdraw-textfield on the depot screen any more.
- The matchmaking on the battle screens has been improved. You should no longer encounter your clan members or banned players.
- To prevent spamming, we limited the amount of comments, broadcasts and clan invites a player can send per day. This should not affect normal play.

How to change your flag:
You can change your flag on the shop screen. After accepting the flag change, your current flag will be removed and your account will use the default flag, with which it was created. You will be immediately send to the flag selection screen, where all available flags are displayed. Find your prefered flag, select it and confirm your selection. You will then be send to the assignments screen where your new flag should be displayed.

If you close the app during flag selection or there is a problem, you can restart the flag selection by visiting the shop screen. The change flag option will be marked free of charge, until you have completed selecting a new flag.

RE: Changelog - MSC - 02-12-2018

- fixed a bug, that defeated opponents were not removed from battle list
- Opponent Names on the battle screen should now have Emojis
- removed international option from settings
- fixed problems with the "new highscore round" notification
- adjusted deletion times for comments and broadcasts

RE: Changelog - MSC - 02-20-2018

- A new Highscore, showing the Top50 Players that have the most Clan Members.
- If you are in the Top10 Highscore Leagues, your League-Number is displayed on the Highscore Page.
- Bring back the "Other Free Games" Section on the More Screen without spamming the Home Screen with Advertisments.

RE: Changelog - MSC - 03-06-2018

Version 2.0.6

- add Sliders to Depot
- your own name will not be used for Bots any more
- fix tab-bar on Alliance-Screen

App 2.0.6:
- fix Back Button

RE: Changelog - MSC - 03-20-2018

- Health below minimum PVP Health will be colored red (requires some time or a cache delete)
- Bot Names are a little more random and change more often
- remove ally-requests from screen after accepting them

RE: Changelog - MSC - 04-16-2018


- move "accept" button to left side, so you don't accidentally spend premium when doing quests
- red color for Health only if you are under 24 health
- clancodes can be entered as numbers only (Example: 111222333)
- fixed the icons in the more free games category

RE: Changelog - DevLaTron - 08-21-2018


 Welcome to War Game 2.2.0. We have made quite a set of changes in the hopes to improve the game further, including:

- Added a bad word filter when posting messages of any kind.
- Added the possibility to ignore players by putting them on (and removing them from) an ignore list.
- Full UTF8 Emoji support to make your messages look even fancier. (We like ASCII- Art, though!)
- Changed Global Flag to look a bit nicer.
- Added Scottish flag.
- Small Bugfixes and stability improvements.
- Multiple behind the scenes changes preparing for future updates.


RE: Changelog - DevLaTron - 10-24-2018


War Game has been updated to version 2.3.0.

- New Achievement system, including a new highscore has been prepared and is waiting for activation.
- Ignoring / unignoring a player will bring you to the ignore screen instead of that players profile. This prevents ignore list abuse.
- Small bugfixes and Localization enhancements.
- A new system to prevent cheating via farming/pushing.
- A new player offer. Existing players will be able to unlock this as well for a one- time offer.

RE: Changelog - MSC - 11-12-2018


- Performance improvements of the home screen
- Bugfixes