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Changelog - MSC - 03-12-2018

- initial Release

RE: Changelog - MSC - 03-20-2018

- Health below minimum PVP Health will be colored red (requires some time or a cache delete)
- Bot Names are a little more random and change more often
- Player Names in Rivals-List will now show emojis
- remove ally-requests from screen after accepting them

RE: Changelog - MSC - 04-20-2018


- move "accept" button to left side, so you don't accidentally spend premium when doing quests
- red color for Health only if you are under 24 health
- clancodes can be entered as numbers only (Example: 111222333)
- fixed the icons in the more free games category

RE: Changelog - DevLaTron - 08-23-2018


We have updated Mafia Game to version 2.2.0. We have made quite a set of changes in the hopes to improve the game further, including:

- Added a bad word filter when posting messages of any kind.
- Added the possibility to ignore players by putting them on (and removing them from) an ignore list.
- Full UTF8 Emoji support to make your messages look even fancier. (We like ASCII- Art, though!)
- Changed Global Flag to look a bit nicer.
- Added Scottish flag.
- Small Bugfixes and stability improvements.
- Multiple behind the scenes changes preparing for future updates.


RE: Changelog - MSC - 11-12-2018


- Content Update with new Units and Missions

- Ignoring / unignoring a player will bring you to the ignore screen instead of that players profile. This prevents ignore list abuse.
- Small bugfixes and Localization enhancements.
- A new system to prevent cheating via farming/pushing.
- A new player offer. Existing players will be able to unlock this as well for a one- time offer.

RE: Changelog - MSC - 11-12-2018


- New Achievement system, including a new highscore
- Performance improvements of the home screen
- Bugfixes

RE: Changelog - MSC - 01-15-2019


- While buying multiple items, the amount is remembered. It is also possible to buy up to 100 pieces in bulk. Sorry, no discounts.  Big Grin
- It is now possible to sell items in bulk too.

RE: Changelog - MSC - 03-13-2019


- fixed the "Double Money from PvE Fights" Artefact, that is used in some games.
- fixed the home screen messages, where sometimes, the stolen money was not displayed correctly.