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Battlelist - Alex - 04-28-2018

could you please revise the battle list as in the old game on +/- 3 ranks of its own. have opponents with 15 or 18 ranks above me. there is no fair fight possible. Thanks in advance

RE: Battlelist - Alex - 07-31-2018

Hello Support

Are you still working at the game. The battlelist gets worse. Now opponents with 22 ranks above me. Wtf is wrong with you. That makes no fun anymore.

Best regards

RE: Battlelist - Santorayo - 08-01-2018

Hello. Smile
We haven't changed anything regarding the rank-range for the battle-list. You can find more specifics regarding how this works here:

But the game has less players than it used to have so the matchmaking might be forced to search in a wider range than it before.