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Violation of rules - PoLLuX - 07-16-2018

Kind time of the day, dear developers.
some player is violation of rules:
- Posting Rules: posting of content or links with racist, pornographic, or otherwise derogatory or commercial content will be punished with a ban.
Nikname: ????(top)? - (answers is red, "top" is а blue emoji), code: 432.872.148 Flag: Japan.
He have on his wall some messages on emoji style, where he is offends only Russian players.
and have message:
"Весь русский хуй маленький глупость. Я убиваю глупыq русский хуй каждый момент".
literary translation: "All Russians is stupid and have small penis. I kill stupid Russian penis every moment"
While the Russian "Хуй" is just as offensive as a "Cock" - not penis (medical termin).
Also - the first time he have Russian flag. Today - Japan....

Please. Block him. He is offends only Russian players.


RE: Violation of rules - Santorayo - 07-19-2018

Thanks for the notice. We will investigate the issue.