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New Level Cap for War Game - DevLaTron - 08-09-2018

Hello everyone,

 this post is going to cover our ideas behind increasing the level cap for the Star Games, beginning with War Game. Let's look at the level distribution of top level players first. The following chart shows player/level distribution in the top ranks:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=29]

What we can see is that quite a lot of players are progressing towards level 300 on the right. In order to have leveling content available for all players, not a lot of increase is required currently.

We want you to know that we will be increasing the max level range by 10, up to level 310. This may seem like a small increase, but our reasoning here is that we want to increase the levels together with upcoming features and new game play, and also have a certain amount of players progressing towards that limit. 

Additionally we want to keep an eye on the current mission content, and not let it be outgrown by new levels too much, again keeping future updates in mind.

Have fun,


New Level Cap for War Game - Timothybit - 02-03-2019

will there be more territory quests and a higher level cap with the new engine?

RE: New Level Cap for War Game - Santorayo - 02-04-2019

There might be in the future. Smile

RE: New Level Cap for War Game - srinivas25 - 12-10-2019

nice update for gamers