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Top League bug - UnitorDhakra - 08-13-2018

did you all noticed that Top league does not change (cycle) players, upon their income?  It is somehow freezed in time...
There are at least five players, that had last 2-4 weeks smaller income, than top players in 2. and 3. leagues.

In my opinion, these players should be replaced instantly in top arena: Bad Karma, CK Poseidon, ARIEL, INFINITUM, CMX KARMAR, Kaimano and maybe Platoon Masur too (for his results in last two weeks).

We all want to have chance to get to the top!

Or if there are some big changes in way how it counts, please tell us how can we get to the top. What we have to do...


RE: Top League bug - UnitorDhakra - 08-20-2018

New league week, and nothing changes... Why there is no answer on this? :-( All noticed above are still in first league. OMG

RE: Top League bug - Santorayo - 08-21-2018

The top league doesn't only take one week into account but multiple. So if a player performs badly one week he might still be in the top-league for the next season.

RE: Top League bug - UnitorDhakra - 08-22-2018

I know that. And that is why I mentioned 2-4 weeks. It is strange that they are still there.
I dont believe that Bad Karma with 0 income from battles has in count to be there. Or CK Poseidon (if he does not cheat), and others are mysterious for me also.
Does income about 200 000 000 000 from battles really puts them in first arena? Especially when there are in 2. league bigger incomes? That is what I'm pointing on.

Or it takes into count average income from whole players gameplay? This would give me sence...

RE: Top League bug - Santorayo - 08-23-2018

I can't go into details but if you've climbed high in the highscore you want fall as fast in ranks. (This prevents players from dropping to easier leagues on purpose). But we will check if everything works as intended here. Smile

RE: Top League bug - UnitorDhakra - 08-23-2018

OK, thanks! I'm curious about the result. Big Grin

RE: Top League bug - Uragan_d - 10-28-2018

Good day how to remove the captcha, I'm not a bot and not a cheater.
nickname: uragan_d
Alliance: 319
Player ID: 112044

RE: Top League bug - NEXINS - 02-28-2019

I understand "This prevents players from dropping to easier leagues on purpose" and it's ok. But there are really many players who are kept in 1st or in 2nd HS although they have negative result for many weeks. It looks very unfair against players who spend uranium to get higher.

RE: Top League bug - PoLLuX - 03-14-2019

I have another question. I am in the third league since December ... already 4-5 leagues I consciously merge money to go down to the lower leagues, and the result is zero. same story with the Strike player. Why don't game lower me down?

RE: Top League bug - Santorayo - 03-14-2019

There are mechanism at play that prevent players from lowering themselves on purpose easily. The league system always tries to match players with similar strength and takes the past into account as well, not only the last results. Smile