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update suggestions duels list + health reloading - GrogObserver - 08-19-2018

Good afternoon Evil Grog and thanks for having a chat there.

First of all I observed the duels list and 2 important points are to be showed: 

- the difference of level could be up to 21 levels ( in old Game Forge in other games it was 5 levels 

- Visibility in duels list: finding (To attack and counterattack) , avoiding ( to retreat )someone in the duels list , players have only 2   choices, Alliance limited  and inferior at 1000 members and Superior at 1000

Questions: 1. Is it possible to limite the duels list at a difference of level of 10 for instance? 

                  2. with about more 7000 players in WG, is it possible to modify the duels list with  a difference between 200-500 members in order ? ( if you meet the same player in duels list daily and attacking for Nothing, it's considered as a harassment  and could lead to the exit of a player, cause it's getting personal and not a fact of game, finding dollars.

                  3. Is it possible to reload directly the health instead of going all the time to the depot? ( IN knight game, Vampires and Mafia, reloading health is directly)
thanks for your help

RE: update suggestions duels list + health reloading - Santorayo - 08-20-2018

Thanks for the feedback. Smile The difference in levels comes from fewer players that the game can select from. We will look into it though and also the bot creation.