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quest bug - kraken - 09-05-2018

Today I completed all the quests in the last location.
I received a system message "... you received an additional 2 points of 
characteristics ...".
But I did not really get any additional points of characteristics .
Please check and correct this error.

i sent letter to support@evilgrog.com

RE: quest bug - Santorayo - 09-05-2018

Thanks for the notice. We will look into it. Smile

RE: quest bug - kraken - 09-20-2018

have you checked?

RE: quest bug - Santorayo - 09-20-2018

Yes, actually the text that was displayed is wrong. We've just fixed that to correctly display what you actually get when you complete a region in Knight Game. Smile

quest bug - Timothybit - 02-04-2019

You are right, I found this bug.
It will be fixed.
Thanks for the info.