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Change marketing
(04-30-2019, 07:42 PM)DevLaTron Wrote: Hi...

well, there are some very good points in your post, and some not so well thought out. Let me explain a bit.

First of all, we are aware of a lot of "creative game-plays" in the games. There will always be. When we act on these, it's often because they have become quite harmful to the game. When we decide that something is growing out of hand, it's usually because a few people are exploiting a situation way above what is normal. These few turn into small groups, and the cycle continues. In the end, the "bot resetting" is what made the difference between old and new players in the first place. So showing new players how to reset bots wouldn't have worked to solve the problem.

We have a couple of options with bugs/exploits/cheats:

- One would be to ban offending people, which usually just ends in other people or other accounts taking their place. This creates work, isn't fun and usually doesn't work out ideally.

- We can write scripts to automatically ban people that abuse a specific mechanic. Once it runs, it will simply ban everyone abusing that mechanic, no matter what.

- We can make changes to the balancing of the games to dis-encourage the type of gameplay, or make some alternatives more attractive.

- We can simply remove/fix the issue completely, so no one can abuse the mechanic at all.

Each option has pros and cons, and we look at things very carefully before making a choice for one of the options. Often there are more factors to consider than players may see. We have  the numbers to look at, so we know exactly how many players are affected by a change (Hint: Not everyone by far), how much each player "earns", and how much "The Top players" earn (Hint: Compared to a newbie player, a LOT more). That's what we have to look at, then make a change, look at the numbers again, and then make another change, sometimes to tighten a system, sometimes to compensate for too much tightness.

We're not sure if a smaller credits- amount is sensible, but we'll have a look at it. Marketing is expensive and hard, and we're a small company that can't spend money on something that might not return what we are spending in a marketing gamble.

A suggestion, if I may: Why, aside from teaching new players, for which we are very thankful, not interact with us in a polite and constructive way to find solutions to problems you see? Maybe a different tutorial? Maybe better ways of communication? A mentoring- system? What are your ideas? What are the problems?

Cheaters will always cheat. We're very well aware of that. But that doesn't mean we have to accept that and give them a free pass on what they do. Also, they're the ones to shout loudest when they get caught and "didn't do anything wrong" or "you are killing the game". Actually, it's three things they did wrong: a) They cheated, and b) They got caught, and c) They abused a bug when they could have helped fix it and make the game better for everyone, them-self included.

Hi, thanks for your insight. It gave me a lot to think about. 
I can answer this, I was teaching new players about bot reset as player that wants a balance. I never knew this was a bug or a way to exploit because its a thing I was tought very early in first time I played.
When I started new version the same problems occured. Big players attacking small players and when the small complain the attacks got worse no matter the teeth.
I was teaching them to get more income and also trying to teach them not to care about attacks. The system doesnt allow to lose all the time, I attacked big players in Top League to be able to win from a player on warpath with better equipment.
By giving this advice to new players I can proudly say that they are still playing although they wanted to quit. 
In GF time my extreme behaviour helped killing the game and it hurted me a lot! I killed players.
The game returned and I became very happy and wanted to help new players to survive and learn. 

I have a lot ideas and want to share them, in my opinion, the faq in stargames are perfect. Dont change it. 
What could be changed is this:  When a player is above a surtain strength this player cant attack a player below a surtain strength. 
Its easy to sell equipment and use it as farm now but with a strength restriction it will be harder and it will protect small players against big players.
I have more ideas etc but I need some time to get them in the right order. You gave me a lot information and my brain needs time to process it with the knowledge I already have Wink

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