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Developer Post "Star Games" for May 2019
This post is a tad bit early, as 1. of May is a holiday in Germany.

Hello again,

 a lot is happening, so here's another developer post to talk about what happened in the last weeks, and what is to come in the near future.

- We've closely monitored the amount of currency earned from bots since our exploit fix last month. As numbers stabilize, we're getting a better grasp of how large the margin between "fair play" and "massive abuse" has been before the fix. This means we'll be looking to increase the currency drop from bots in the near future for all players, as well as reduce the strength of bot defense buildings. This is not a "one time" adjustment, but will be made over the course of several iterations until we reach a state that keeps the game entertaining, and also fair, and we will try to strike a balance between those who prefer to fight bots and those who fight real players, while keeping new features that we'll be adding in sight. Overall, all players will see more "rich" bots with weaker defense buildings. 

- We activated our inactive purge- scripts, which have started to removed accounts below level 4. These were mostly wasting space in the database, and haven't had any interactions with other accounts for extended periods of time. These are mostly from people creating accounts and then leaving the game shortly afterwards and are of no specific value, nor do they provide any income.

- Our next step will be to raise the level of these scripts to their planned value of 7, including an increase in inactivity time required. Again, our numbers show that most of these accounts are never interacted with again, except for being created to artificially increase the clan member numbers of cheating players. As these accounts are removed, the clan numbers will be adjusted accordingly. Again, we will continue to monitor this, and make changes according to what our statistics show us. While you may notice a slight decrease in clan numbers for legit players, there will be large drops for a few players that have created these accounts in the first place, and bring their accounts back in line with normal players. In some situations, such accounts will also be permanently banned. Please remember: We consider multi- accounting an exploit, and abuse will cause permanent bans.

- We have activated some scripts that detect and ban multi- account users. You may have noticed a wave of bans throughout all games. We are highly confident to catch and ban multi- account users through these scripts, even though we haven't activated all of their capabilities yet. We'll be watching carefully, and adjusting different parameters as needed. While the boundaries for this script are very loose currently, we will tighten them very soon. This will include banning the users of "Clone"- Apps, and we also want to point out that having purchased premium currency will not prevent a ban.

- We will be looking at how reporting of players/broadcasts/comments is working. The current system has flaws that cause a high rate of false positives, i.e. players being reported as cheaters while they are in fact not, and at the same time not giving any feedback to the reporters. We'll inform you ahead of time on any changes in this system. 

- We will also add a new type of mission in the near future. This mission will be repeatable multiple times a day and grant you extra rewards, depending on your strengths, but comes with risks.

- We've already raised the level caps for the Star games in general. In the future, raising the level cap will be done once certain criteria in the game are met. We'll announce more information once we're ready for this.

- Different Factions will be coming to the Star Games, and you will be able to join and fight with them. More news on this soon, as we prepare the integration.

- You will be able to enable/disable Retina- Graphics mode in the Settings.

- We will add a Language selection option to the Settings.

- You will be able to select and save your preferred server selection in the Lobby. Of course you will be able to switch through the menu at any time, as usual.

As sad as the topic of banning people is instead of focusing on new game features, we will continue to enforce the rules of the games and create automated processes to prevent abuse and cheating.

Have fun playing!
Chief Evilness Officer and Founder of Evil Grog Games

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