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first of all I want to thank you for War Game "Reloaded"...  Wink

I want to make it clear about attributes in game. 

What I know is... 
- Tactic is good for active attacking players, or to earn money from bots.
- Oil is good to make missions faster to gain more % on income.
- Morale - more attacks during one session. But also you can be attacked more times.

What I dont know is...
- Attack - how many points I need to gain +1% in attack
- Defence - how many points I need to gain +1% in defence
- How these attributes are influencing battle, and if it is worth to invest in to it. And how many points are worth of it to take effect.

Thank you for explanation.

Wish you all good day and good game!
Right now, attack and defense do not give you a percentage bonus, but instead a fixed increase of total attack and defense. Every point invested in attack or defense is around the equivalent of bringing an extra infantry fighter to the battlefield.
Thank you for basic explanation.  But I want to go a little deeper in to it, because there is no function in game to reconfigure attribute points. For example for 30 Uranium, like name change?  Wink  

My friend invested 40 points into Attack. But when he attacks, he don't see in Battle report +40 extra warriors on his side.
Is that only in the battle calculation, in the background of the game?

How do we know in absolute numbers, how high our attack is?
Which type of infantry is used?
And do I have to have this infantry above my level and aliance capacity?
Do you plan do any changes in future for these attributes?

Thank you!
Right now, in War Game, you get 50 Attack / Defense for every point spent in the respective Attribute. Hence my analogy for an extra fighter.

Basicly, when a fight happens, we select the best troops currently available have for both attacker and defender and sum up their offensive / defensive strenght. The number of troops is limited by your level and your allies. To this the points from your attributes is added. Your friend would get an additional 2000 Attack, regardless of level or ally limits.
The resulting numbers then get a little random bonus/malus and whoever has the bigger number in the end wins.

Right now, there are no plans to change this behaviour. But who knows... :-)
Thank you! Now it's clear for me, and I can visely decide my investments in attributes.

Have a nice day
However you are right, there is no function in game to reconfigure attribute points, and that is an essential things, that should be implemented. Like for 20-30 uranium, I am sure it would be really appreciated, and also administrators would take pros, for example people would buy uranium to change it. Smile

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