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Some words for people who just start their first game
Heyho guys,
so you're anxious to get into the game but have no idea how to start properly and fear that you might faceplant with your first steps?
Well, don't worry, this guide might just be for you.

The tutorial
Effectively, the Princess in the in-game tutorial will teach you everything you need to know.
Of course she is also aware that you're pretty busy, trying to be a formidable leader and all, so she keeps to herself until you've got the time to seek her advice.

You can find the tutorial quests in the upper right  corner of the screen, displayed by a picture of the princess and usually a red circle with the amount of open quests in it. Tapping this will open the quest screen and you will be able to see more detailed instructions on what to do.

Fetching quest rewards
Another important part of the quest screen is the rewards-tab on the top.
If you finish a quest, your rewards will be stored there until you fetch them personally.
This makes sense if your resource storage is full and you don't need that extra Food right now. And it might come in handy when you just started some expensive research and all of a sudden a horde of enemies come knocking on your gates, and you need that little bit of extra food to train some units who, the peaceful fellas that they are, will tell those raiders politely to leave you alone  Angel

Your first fight
Speaking of units:
One of your first quests will be to train some berserkers, shortly followed by the assignment to attack a small bandit camp.
Be sure to collect the quest reward for training the berserkers, as it will give you some additional units to help in the upcoming fight. Bandits can be surprisingly strong. Also make sure that you attack a -small- bandit camp, as they come in different sizes on the map. A small one should look like a tent with a campfire and a leather rack and be in the close vicinity of your Capital.
After the attack order, your units will move out and, after marching a bit, fight the bandits. The results will be shown in your messages screen as a combat report. If you won the fight, you will also gain some command points that are important if you want to found a new village. Of course you'll also get a quest that tells you to do just that.

Founding your first village
Where to found a new village is quite the important decision to make. If you tap on a free piece of land on the map, you'll see the influence area of your village, were you to found one at this spot. It covers a 5x5 area with the village in the center tile and will allow it to gather resources from any resource patch contained in it. So if you've got Stone and Sulfur in your highlighted area, your village later will be able to build the fitting buildings that will produce this resource. Keep in mind that resources in Grimfall are finite, so it is possible for your village to run dry. How much of each resource is available will be shown in a window, together with the command points necessary to start settling there. Winning the fight against the bandits and collecting the quest reward for it will provide you with enough for your first Settlement, but the more Villages you have, the higher the command point cost will become.

For the beginning it makes sense to build a village somewhere where you'll be able to get some stone and food, as these resources will be the ones you'll need the most for your initial construction efforts. The other resources will mostly be important for higher levels of unit research.
Sulfur for Infantry, Iron for Cavalry and Wood for Archers, while spies just need every kind of resource.
(If you specialize in one kind of resource, you can still trade it in the market place, but be aware that the prices of the resources fluctuate due to changes in their supply or demand.)

This should cover the basics of the game, so go ahead,
light your stoves, put on your warmest fur coats and shape the fate of Grimfall!

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