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Grimfall Alpha Feedback
As this is an Alpha I'm guessing that you lot want feedback, so I'll start the party with this thread.

Firstly, thank you for reviving Grimfall. Amongst other things, I was a player during the original game so I'm very happy to see this game potentially back in action.

As I play the game I'll try and remember to take screenshots whenever I can to support my claims.

Quality of Life
This section is aimed at features that are missing in-game that would make the gaming experience a lot smoother.

  • Cities are restricted to only 1 building or upgrade.
    Whilst this doesn't seem like a big issue. It is very easy for a very new player to get to a point where they are upgrading a building - e.g. House to level 6, and are unable to build or upgrade anything further in that settlement. A new player really should not get to a point early on where they are unable to do anything for an hour.

  • Demolishing buildings
    It's very easy to get into a situation where you accidentally build something wrong - for example, I built a hut instead of a Stone Masons Hut. If there is an option to destroy your own buildings, it's hidden away somewhere. This option is quite important as without it, players can very easily accidentally build something wrong and are unable to reverse the mistake, which is extremely damaging in a game that has limited building locations.
  • Naming the resources
    Really basic, but the resources in-game are not named. In some cases, it's not that hard to see what you want them to be, e.g. wood, food, iron. Sulfur[i] becomes a slightly harder one to guess, but the worst is the resource required to build more settlements the name 'commando points' seems to only show in the inbox messages, everywhere else it's simply an image.[/i]
  • Building more settlements is slightly unclear
    Getting your first settlement is easy - however, when you go to get your second one it is very easy for a new player to struggle to understand how they can do so. It would benefit everyone if there was a tooltip (or an alternative information source) that would display telling the player why they cannot get a new settlement. In this case, the text would read something like: "You cannot establish a new settlement until you have the required amount of commando points get more by raiding nearby bandit villages." 
  • The tutorial attack can fail
    Interesting issue with the tutorial attack - if you attack with just the offensive units (as an in-game pop up encourages you to do) your attack has the chance of failing. Once your first attack fails, going 'all out' on a second one (using both offensive and defensive) can fail as well. Failures like this so early in the game is going to very quickly turn the players away from the game.

Looking at the pay options, some parts of the game are extremely unbalanced.
The reason why I'm listing this is that I truly believe that whilst under GF, the payment options were out of control - not only because they were balance-and-fun-breaking, but also because they failed to look at what the competing games have to offer. Since Grimfall's closure to now, other games have been released that you are competing against, take Final Fantasy XV - A New Empire as a good example. 

  • By far the most important one.
    The gold shop option - 'Travel time accelerator'. 
    There are several reasons why this is a terrible feature for Grimfall, they all revolve around the point that these strategy style games lean heavily on the timed coordination of attacks and defenses.

    Point 1: Defensive 'Ninjas'. Members of an alliance are able to send some of their troops to help defend locations and potentially turn a massive loss into a great victory. 

    Point 2: Counter attacking. If you (a player) has been attacked by a huge army from a specific opponent, you are able to inform your guildmates of how long it has taken the army to return and so they are able to launch counterattacks on the attacking player.

    Both of these points require the players to know - at least roughly, when the incoming attack will him and how long it takes the army to travel from the starting location. By providing the players with an option to speed up their troop movement, you essentially make whether an attack is successful or a failure down to whether or not someone has got enough gold to buy the item. This totally removes a huge part of the game as players are now unable to properly predict the time of arrival or the time of return. 

    Please do seriously consider this as in the much later game, the sense of belonging to a community - both the wider Grimfall community and the closer inter-alliance community is a huge reason why the larger/veteran players stay in the game. 

    *Note: I am unable to fully test what this feature. This does mean that there are several variables that may be different - for example, if the shop item use is restricted to x amount of usage or if you can only use it at specific times. HOWEVER - ultimately even if the items are restricted to specific points, it should not exist at all in any PvP situations (PvE is less of an issue, but for PvP it's potentially game-fun breaking).

  • Ghost Units For part of this I am heavily relying on past knowledge, please do forgive me if I recall something badly.
    Hiding from spies has a similar effect as what I wrote above. To make it work, you will need to have something to balance it - even if it's a special unit that can detect them.
    IIRC they were semi-immortal as well (this part I'm unsure about so just leaving a note on it.)
So far I've only found one that may or may not be a bug.
Whenever you have in-game message boxes, they are styled to the Grimfall layout. However when you found a settlement it seems to give you the default android box - see the screenshot below:
Thanks a lot for the very comprehensive feedback. We are discussing the details and will see what we might learn from it. Big Grin
There is one update I've got, it's regarding the demolish option, it seems that instead of a missing feature it's actually a small bug.

If you are in a village and have just built a small house (like I did) and want to demolish it, you first need to upgrade it to level 2. Once on level 2 the demolish option appears, if you leave it on level one the option is hidden away.
*I simply had the house on level 1 and looked for the demolish option, which was missing, hence the assumption that it wasn't there.
Here I go with two suggerances:
1) It would be great to save a place in the map on a "favourite list" or whatever. This way you could fastly return to that place instead of looking for it again.
2) I would limit the number of members an alliance can have, specially in this case were there arent many players. Otherwise some players join the same one, which then becames unbeatable.
Two more:
-The "Fortune Teller" should give a daily free throw.
-Besides the ítems that can increase the army efectiveness, it would be good to have a general for the army. One single General each player, Who could level Up depending on the battles he fights on. He would only improve the army it Is send with. I think that this way one could even specialize more in a "fight style".
Thanks for the suggestions. Smile We will look into it.
I charge with another:
-I recieved an atack yesterday. The thing Is that I could see exactly how many troops did he have. In my opinión, this doesnt do much sense and Is too of a help for the defender. Maybe an aproximation of the enemy would be better, and in order to have more information one could Spy the upcoming army.
Regarding the "spies" point, I would allow spies to go with my atacking army to defend it from enemy spies, but in order not to "suicide" them, they would only accomplish thia spying function, I mean, the wouldnt fight.

-Regarding possible bugs, or maybe the server not working properly:
Sometimes the game does "crazy things" like not showing the real amount of resources you have (image attached in the link), nor the Villages you have, and even sometimes doesnt let me train units. In those cases I just close and open the game again, but maybe it Is of your interest.
LINK: (real) (bug)
Found a small text issue: The Ducth Rules of the Game still contain a text reference to Gameforge.

Gr. Fred...
Thanks for the notice. We will fix that in the upcoming release.
Found another one.

If you research a skill for a deadbringer you see the text:

MISSING: academy.research.running.deathbringer

in the progress window and also in the general event list. If I recollect correctly from before, this was the case with all the death-type units.

Gr. Fred...

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