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Developer Post August 2018
Dear players,

 welcome to one of our first developer posts. We want to use posts like this one in the future to inform you about what we are working on and what is being prepared for future updates. We hope you enjoy these insights into who we are and what we are doing. Feel free to discuss any open topics on the forums,  we are always looking for constructive and well thought out feedback. Do keep in mind though that we are a rather small company, and as such have limited resources.

 We've come a long way since we five founded our company from our private funds over a year ago, releasing a bunch of games ranging from the single player World Peace General 2017, to Grimfall - our newest addition. Of course this was accompanied by what we call the "Star"- Games: War Game, Knight Game, Mafia Game, Vampire Game and Prehistoric Game. Getting these games back into a working state has been quite some work, and we're finally starting to settle into a position where we are able to add new content and features instead of fixing old problems. While, at the beginning stood some performance and security issues, we later identified and fixed a couple of bugs that people used to gain unfair advantages over their competitors in the game. By fixing these issues we cleared the road for future content updates, and hopefully set the path for some very cool (and also long overdue) stuff that we are working on.

 So, here is a list of what we're currently working on :

 With our newest game, Grimfall, we are already on a path to add some convenience features in the first update. This will include showing coordinates on the world map, as well as showing activity of alliance members in the member list. Additionally, we've streamlined a couple of behaviors in the app when the internet connection breaks down or changes. Also in the works: "Mark All as Read" and "Delete All" Buttons for messages.

 Next, we're working to get Steampunk Game out. This is the last of the "classic" Star- Games that were originally released by Gameforge. We are still in the process of testing here, so it will take a bit until we launch this one.

 For the Star- Games themselves, here is a list of what is coming:

 We will be adding an Ignore List feature. This will allow you to ignore other players, filtering and hiding their messages from comments and broadcasts. The feature will also deny ignored people from posting on your profile. This should help if a player is spamming you or trying to provoke you.

 Additionally, we'll add a bad word filter to the game. This will deny people posting comments with insulting content and will be a work in progress. We are aware that some toxic players will still try to break this filter, and as such the game rule will stay in place: Insulting other players or posting foul content will get you banned, as it is clearly stated in our game rules. But this filter should make it a lot easier for players to stay away from such behavior and maybe take a second to cool off before posting something that will get them banned.

 Next, we will add an Achievement- System to the games. We will be adding various types of achievements with varying difficulty. Each achievement will have multiple ranks, and award points. These points will be shown on a new achievement screen, are visible to other players, and will be displayed in a new high score table. While some achievements will be easy to get naturally, others will require quite an amount of effort to find and complete.

 Also on our list is an increase of the level cap, currently at level 300. We are still looking into different options here, but it's on our working list. The raise in cap will have some requirements for each game, but we are not ready to disclose them yet. Of course, in order to get a benefit from the increase, you'll have to reach level 300 first.

 In addition to all of this, we are working on additional content updates for the games. We are already testing updates for some of the games, with other updates being in the planning phase. These updates will usually include new units, buildings, enhancements, missions and regions, with completely new features also in the planning phase. We will be trying to balance updates for all different games depending on age of the game and progress made by the players.

 Also on our long list of things: We are looking for ways to improve working together with our players. This will, for example, include a translation system to translate the games into your favorite language, finding and fixing bugs, and a way to channel feedback on new content. We are also looking into ways to permanently solve the "pushing/farming" issue. Until such a solution is implemented, we will continue to ban players that try to get an unfair advantage through this. We are also looking for ways to give valued and trusted players in the community a possibility to take influence in the future of the game designs. This may include a type of in game moderator position, but we are not ready to disclose such details yet.

 Finally, we have a couple of games still in our queue, which we will be launching this year and announcing as soon as possible.

 We will follow up a lot of this with dedicated posts in the forums and on Facebook, so stay tuned!

 Your opinions on all of these changes is something we are looking forward to, please leave your ideas and feedback at the corresponding posts once we publish them!


DevLaTron and the Evil Grog Team
Chief Evilness Officer and Founder of Evil Grog Games

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