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Tips for the Game Editor
Hello everyone. I'm Juan Cortés Aguilar from Chile (real name) and Kaut in the game. I have some ideas to turn the game around, and the editor asked me to post them here:

They must change the clan system: It is illogical to think of clans if you can not fight another clan. There are no declarations of war or prizes for the winner. They should eliminate the current clan system because it does not make any sense, only to protect oneself.

Den. Like Bitefight, we should have a den or cave in which to take refuge. Currently there is no such thing.

Learning skills. I find that it makes no more sense to learn the same skill 1000 times. Although it is true that it gives an advantage over the adversary, I think that it should only be learned once.

Positions table. There is currently no permanent table or ranking, only the one that is released every 1 week.

Jaspes.The market is not very varied to buy with Jaspes. There are items to buy but I do not feel that they make a big difference against those who do not take real money.

Deep update. The game is almost exactly the same, there are no major changes that call the attention of the player, the platform is the same, the menu, the images and the gameplay system is still the same as always.

Missions. Playing the same missions only with a level increase becomes monotony. I think that the mission system must be changed to make the game more attractive.

Attack to other players. The list of players who can be attacked is very limited, and there is no possibility of eliminating them (deleting them) when they are abandoned accounts. When eliminating a player who is inactive for too long, a prize or unique object should be obtained depending on the level of the eliminated player.

Yes, it is true, much of what I have written is similar to Bitefight, but I feel that the game system must be changed and made more attractive, separated by servers with limited quotas, and it is illogical that a player of level 90 can Attack one of level 30.
Those are some of the ideas, although there are many more but for that you have to change the game a lot. But I insist, the game is already repetitive in almost everything and has several flaws or lack of care in some points. It's a great game, I like it, it's addictive, but it must improve.

Need help? I can give you great ideas, let's make this game something spectacular.
Thanks for the feedback. Smile Those are really a lot of interesting ideas. Obviously Bitefight is quite a different game but we will discuss internally which changes could make sense for Vampires Game as well.
I personally think a few things that need to change in the game is first the clan system as it stands now all it does is let u use more abilities which literally is just a number and what it comes down to which one has the biggest number second i also noticed this recently but it seem the more abilities u get the more your enemies get if not to the same amount i have to special item and it seems that as soon as i got them almost every opponent i faced got it too if thats the case whats even the point of those items if ur opponent is gonna get them as well also id like to see the abilities have more of an effect cuz right now as i said with the clans its just numbers game i wish they had passive abilities u know buffs debuffs and if you do add in more meaning to the abilities and equitment u could add a thing where characters can choose abilities they specialize in of use as a signature and that can be the skill they contribute when some battles in there clan instead of the system getting it from you the equipment and abilities could have range,speed ect to them i mean u do have weapons that are snipers shotguns and crossbows and lastly this is a game about vampires where are the vampire elements i might be wrong on this but i could of sworn that the game b4 had an ability that was called daywalker? Which gave a huge advantage it was a rare skill that made you immune to any sun damage where are elements like that we need a little depth and also didnt we have thr ability to chsnge the characters apperance? All be it limited like 3-5 outfits and hair style but still have something plus gender it u could add things like that id make the game more appeling.
Thanks for the feedback. We will discuss the ideas in the team. Smile

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