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Diffculty of the investigation service in top League?
Hello Evil Grog crew,  [Image: smile.png] and thanks for the constant updates that give a new life to the ex Gameforge game.

 Nevetheless there's one important point that could make enjoy the majority of players:  A CORRECT TOP LEAGUE WITH NO SUSPICIOUS PLAYERS
I mean some important players and "Bank card players"reported to the investigation service of EVIL GROG, irregularities about case of transfer silvers, double accounts ( taking advantage of the transfer), in one word, cheating discernible to the naked eye of the majority of the players.

Obviously, after weeks these players are still present at top league, take the ranking of today, N° 09 level 75, N°16 level 134, N°18 level 45, N°19 level 72! small levels  have a low  part of won duels, no important bots and adapted to the other players of their levels ( little won money). So only one solution is transfer from other accounts, and  that could be caught by investigation service with their tools anti cheating or reports by some players

You are not without knowing that TOP LEAGUE is the display window of the game  that could be improved by strong measures on it to avoid that everybody thinks it's easy to imitate the very suspicious  small levels in TOP LEVEL.
That's a question of EQUITY for your commercial society and for Bank card players"that are waiting for an important action about it
Despite of it, we thank you for the renewal of the game ( knight game was killed by hackers in old version) and hope that one solution will be brought at last to the cheating that leads to  Top league for certains of them
Yes we are aware that there are players violating rules in the highscores. We are currently working on anti-cheat measures for future updates that should make it harder to take advantage of unfair play. 

Of course we will also keep investigating case by case and ban players if neccessary.
Hello.thanks GrobObserver, you have clearly exposed one of the biggest problems in the game. I will tell you that the same thing happens in the minor leagues too. many players transfer silver with impunity, because they know that the evil will do nothing about it (?). I hope that the anti-cheaters will be effective, and that this happens as soon as possible. Many of us "Bank card players" are really tired of seeing the game get so ruined. the game we like otherwise we would not buy rubies. I remind you that those who have multi accounts, do not buy rubies and ruin the game ... and they are happy to do so. Waiting for the anti-cheat measures. Thank you Santorayo.See you soon. Regards

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